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Monday, 14 October 2013

Evacuation! Mission Rules

Just a quick one today - As promised here's the scenario rules for the Evacuation! mission that myself and Colonel Scipio played over the weekend

I must say that the scenario worked very well first time out, however feel free to comment with any suggestions or on how you found the scenario

See you next time




The defenders are in the final stages of evacuating a now compromised secret base. The attackers’ hunter-killer force is trying to pinpoint the location of the base, and one of the Lead elements of that force has finally found them.


Both Forces are selected using the standard Force Organisation Chart to a points cost selected by the players, however the attacker gains and extra 50% of the points. For example, if a 1000 points limit is agreed, the attacker has 1500 points to spend

Objective/Victory Conditions

The defenders must defend the landing pad to the rear of the of their deployment zone in order to evacuate, the attackers must destroy the landing pad

If the Landing Pad is destroyed then the attackers win, if not then it means victory for the defenders

Set up/Deployment

Defenders set up within 12” of the landing Pad.

The attackers Lead Element sets up at least 24” away from any defender units, all other units start as a reserve

The Lead Element is single Troops choice, including any dedicated transports or a single unit with the ‘Scouts’ Universal Special Rule

To represent the fact that the attacker’s forces are spread over a wide region searching for the Defenders and that they are now rushing to the area, the attacker’s forces start in reserve, but enter the battlefield in the following way:

Each unit rolls a D6 and applies any modifiers below, if the total is 6 or more the unit in question has reached the area and joins the attack (an unmodified roll of 6 is always a success). Then roll a D6 and refer to the diagram to see which board edge it enters from.

Fast attack +1

Heavy Support –1

Unit with a Dedicated Transport +1

Every Turn after the 1st +1
(for example turn 4 would have a +3 modifier)

Units with ‘Scout’ and/or ‘Move Through Cover’ Special Rules +1

First Turn

Roll off between the two players to determine who gets the first turn

Game Length

On the 6th turn and every turn after the defender rolls a D6, on a 4+ the last shuttle lifts off and the game ends, a roll lower than 4 and the shuttle is yet to take off and the game goes on for another turn

Destroying the Landing Pad

The landing pad had 14 Armour and 3 structure points

On a Glancing hit the Landing Pad losses a Structure Point on a roll of a 6

On a Penetrating hit the Landing Pad losses a Structure Point on a roll of 4+

When the Landing Pad is reduced to 0 Structure Points it is destroyed

Special Rules

Forward Sentries – Any defender units with the ‘Scout’ Special Rule may deploy up to 24” from the landing Pad

Deep Strike – Any attacking units that have the ‘Deep Strike’ Special Rule may use the Deep Strike Rules as normal instead of entering using the scenario rules


  1. Liking it very much sir, looks like a cracker of a scenario - we shall have to give this a try soon...

    1. Quick question. Bikes are pretty prevalent in my Mawdryn army, so if I have my Cap'n on a bike, bikes can be taken as troops. In this case where working out reserves would they still count as their original "Fast Attack" for the sake of reinforcements?

    2. Hmmmmm...... Good question, well presented.

      I think to avoid causing confusion they follow the rules for whatever they where purchased as - so if chosen as Fast Attack they are Fast Attack for the scenario and chosen as Troops they are Troops for the rules instead.

      Hope this answers your question satisfactorily