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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Introducing the Breakers

Hello again

This week I will be introducing my next project - 'The Breakers'

The Breakers will be one of the Factions in the upcoming campaign between myself, Colonel Scipio, and Headologist.

The Breakers are a nice change of pace from my previous armies, which where  small, elite forces. Whereas the Breakers are a massive wave of undertrained and badly equipped masses, protecting a small, hardened element at its core. I've used the army list in the Imperial Armour book The Badab War (Volume One) which is used to represent a secessionist force and is perfect for what I need here

Here is a brief overview of the Breakers themselves

Elements of the Traitor Blades of Fire have successfully infiltrated the mining community of Diruam Metallorum, known as ‘The Breakers’

The Breaker Community gets its name for the massive rock crushing machines that are scattered around the local area, and most of the population are employed in the destruction of the rocks and boulders taken from the nearby mines and extracting the Ores within.

 The Breakers have suffered disproportionately at the hands of their so-called protectors. They have in the past even assisted Palladian investigations into rebellions of other communities, only to be repaid with pillaging and mass executions of  ‘Rebellious Instigators’  - The Breakers have lost all faith in the Imperial Creed and are now fighting back to protect their community.

With the arrival of the Traitor Blades, the Breakers have become more aggressive. Most of the Breakers have little care of the happenings outside the community, but now a cult has formed in devotion of their ‘Saviours’ and is growing rapidly, taking up their new masters beliefs and are willing to die in service to their new, superhuman overlords.

Some of the Breakers have devoted themselves to their new masters more than others and have become cultists

Unbeknown to the Breakers – the Traitor Blades care little for their pathetic devotion. They are simply using the Breakers as cannon fodder and to mask their operations in that sector.

Those who read Colonel Scipio's Blog will think that the Cultists look familiar, and that is because they do, I've bought them off Scipio and are now using them as a single 30odd strong human shield! 

And Introducing Sergeant Quirinus Decanus, who is currently leading the Traitor Blades in the area and stirring up the Breakers

Quirinus was promoted to Sergeant just before the split in the Chapter but is considered something of a promising Champion amongst the traitors, gathering more marines to his side than would normally be expected.

So with Nothing Further To Report, I'll see you next time


  1. Gah, more enemies - although it will be nice to fight some non-power armoured foes for a change. Liking the look of Decanus as well, can't help feeling he'll be a thorn in my side. Or possibly a great big red sword in my side.

  2. As ever, ruddy superb. I'm still looking for as many flamers as I can get hold off...