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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Upgrade Complete

Hello there!

Been quite slow on the wargaming front recently so I've not made much progress.
I have however been tinkering and have updated Praxiteles, my loyalist Techmarine

The new Servo-arm is a non-GW part I got from Poland and I think it looks awesome. I was always slightly annoyed with the old arm (which was a Missile Launcher) loader and it just looked to wimpy for a Techmarine.

That's all for now, see you next time



Wednesday, 4 June 2014

More Loyalists

Greeting All,

Switching fire from the breakers this time with an update on the loyalist blades,

Todays offering is the Champion, Apothecary Dexter Nutrcius and a Sergeant with a Combi-Plasma

Apothecary Dexter Nutrcius is the last surviving Loyalist apothecary and serves with Xavier's Command Squad

The Model is from Forgeworld and I think looks amazing, with plenty of detail and a nice stance.

One of the reasons for having a single loyalist apothecary is to give a sort of false hope to the Loyalists, to hint at the slimmest of chances of rebuilding their Chapter when in reality they are all but doomed.

The Champion is another member of Xavier's Command Squad

I've equipped him with a boarding shield and a blade of fire. He hasn't got a name yet, and for now I think I'm going to keep it that way, I'll have to think of a fluffy reason why though

and lastly the new Sergeant equipped with a Combi-Plasma

I've decided to build a few new sergeants that are equipped with combi-weapons to give squads a little more fire-power, I've recently ordered some more parts to get a few more done so watch this space...

That's all for this time - see you later



Friday, 23 May 2014

Squad Quirinus

Hello all,

Slight delay on the post due to a snafu with my internet, but better late than never, as they say....

This week has been I have been finished a new squad for the Breakers - Squad Quirinus

There are still more of this squad to paint up but now I have a useable squad that'll give the Breakers a solid fighting core to rally around

That's all for now



Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Re-enforcements at the Breaker Front

Hello again!

Ill get straight down to business today with the newest unit to bolster the Breaker cause

Corpse-Taker Pantheras and his retinue of servitors

Corpse-Taker Pantheras has been deployed to assist the Breaker Insurgency due to the high number of Space Marines deployed in that sector. Pantheras relishes the opportunity to gather gene-seed for the Traitor Blades of Fire nefarious purposes. While some of the Breakers are grateful for the reinforcement, Sergeant Quirinus see his arrival as a threat to his authority, and deals with the Corpse-Taker with thinly veiled resentment.


The model is the Mk II Apothecary from Forgeworld,  I decided to get him to annoy Ollie and Kieran (Both of whom have Space Marines armies in our current campaign), Fluff wise, I'll be pointing out  all the Gene-seed he'll have taken from their Chapters throughout the campaign. The main reason, however, is because I wanted the other Apothecary model in the pack and it was a shame to waste him, and so here he is.


The Servitors represent the Chapters serfs that were either corrupted or were captured, and transformed into cybernetic thralls, they have just enough mental capacity to understand and carry out basic instruction, and carry out orders with an unrelenting, albeit slow, resolve.

The Models are Tech-thralls, again from Forgeworld.

Well, that's all for now, see you next week with some more



Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Back once again

Hello again! Its been a while...

This one and 98 others...

With a busy schedule at work I haven't been doing much wargaming except for a couple of games here and there, but now things at work have settled down I'm getting back into it.

However a  problem has emerged - at the weekends I find myself rather lethargic after working all week and find that my modelling suffers, during the week I find I don't 'switch off' in the evenings and sometimes find myself at a loss for something to do...

The solution was simple...

My new modelling desk
That's right, I've moved my Modelling Station from home to work! I am a Genius! This means I'll be able to make a dent in the many projects that have started to build up
The Next Steps
I've not been at a full stop on the modelling front, occasionally building and undercoating bits and pieces and buying or organising parts, but all that's left me is a load of unfinished projects!
"So, what are these projects?" I hear you cry. Well pull up a sandbag and get your notepads out...
               Paint 13 more Traitor Blades
               Build 30+ Civilian Squad (Catachan Squads)
               Build Civilian Heavy Weapon Team (Catachan Heavy Weapons Team) 
               Paint 3 Civilians (Tallarn Sniper Team)
               Build 'Mining Laser' (Mechanicum Krios Battle Tank)
               Build Watchmen Centaur Assault Carrier
               Paint Corpse Taker
               Build 'Servitors' (Tech-Thralls)
Blades of Fire
               Paint Champion for Command Squad
               Paint Apothecary for Command Squad
               Paint Devestator Squad (Armed with Rotor Cannons)
               Build and Paint Marines from spare parts
Other Projects
               Build more men for my Mordheim Warband, as well as set up spare warbands
               Paint Space Marines for 40k Chess set
               Build and Paint Chaos Space Marines for 40k Chess set
Future Purchases
                A Sicaran Battle Tank
                A Tauros Assault Vehicle or two and maybe a Venator 
                Buy more Tallarns for the Breakers
                Buy a Traitor Predator
As you can see that's quite a lot to do! I'll let you know how it all turns out

Monday, 13 January 2014

Are we sitting comfortably?

Hello Again!

Firstly, apologies for not posting regularly, my life has shifted up several gears with work and at home so war-gaming has been put on the back-burner.

Secondly, Apologies for not having any models to show you! I have barely had the time to buy new stuff let alone build or paint!

However, all is not lost! as a long term project I am writing a story around the Blades of Fire Chapter

The Story told via an interrogation between Squad Leader Alexandros and Inquisitor Tiberius, with these interrogation sequences linking the parts of the story together. At the moment I plan to have 3 main segments to the novel - the first will detail the chapters history and how they turned renegade, the second part will introduce Alexandros properly and show the struggle between the two factions and the third will be a climactic campaign and ultimately explain how Alexandros ended up a prisoner

Heres a little teaser



He awoke.

He was still in his cell, still in the darkness, still a prisoner. His wounds were healing well, he was thankful for the assistance of the Imperial Guard medical staff for he doubted that, even with the constitution granted to him by his geneseed, he would not have survived without them. They were not unskilled, if a little sloppy with some of the sutures and stiches. The scars would serve as a reminder to him. He thought back through his actions that had lead him to this point, the victories and sacrifices, his purpose.

There was a disturbance outside that distracted him from his thoughts; footsteps and voices. He could not make out their words but there was surprise in their tones, and urgency. A new voice spoke, then silence. After a while a crack of light appeared at the doorway, a sight he had seen before with the many interrogations he had endured but this felt different. He would wait to see what events unfolded. After all, he wasn’t going anywhere.

A figure appeared in the doorway, silhouetted but the brilliant light from outside, his arm moved slowly and switched on the lighting system. His eyes strained as light flooded the room. It was several moments before he could make out the details of his surroundings, the figure had placed a small tome on a desk that occupied the centre of the cell, and had moved to the far corner near the door. The uniform was familiar to him, the face was not. The figures rank insignia and other regimental markings on the uniform betrayed that he was Junior Officer and that had had some specialist training and had proven himself in battle. The soldier stood motionless and seemed not to notice him, the pair waited in a long silence. After an what seemed an extensive amount of time another figure entered the cell, he wore a dark, heavy robe with a hood that obscured his face, he noticed it bore the symbol of the Imperial Inquisition, specifically the mark of the Ordo Xenos.

Ordo Xenos? He doubted himself for a moment but he confirmed with another glance. What was the Ordo Xenos doing here in the aftermath of a Chaos Insurrection? And why is this one interested in interrogating him? He would have to tread carefully, and think about his words, both spoken and unspoken.

The robed man took off his hood, and revealed a handsome, youthful looking man, although it seems that ages was catching up with the man, his hair was greying and his face began to wrinkle at the eyes and forehead. The man gestured for the Soldier to leave, and so the soldier did sealing the cell door behind, leaving just the two. Then the man spoke.

“You are Squad leader Alexandros, Space Marine, Blades of Fire Chapter, Excommunicate Traitoris…”

His voice was deep, authoritative, commanding. The man moved to the desk and placed his hand on the tome that had been placed there. Alexandros remained still, trying to glean more information from the man. The man was well built; his hair was short and dark. Alexandros also noticed that the inquisitor had aural amplification replacing his left ear, with what appeared to be burns down that side of his head and neck. The man also walked with a cane, although it seemed that he did not rely on it for mobility.

“You are undaunted by the presence of the Holy Inquisition, despite your status as a traitor. Perhaps you have had dealings with the Inquisition prior our present meeting?” 

The man was being very…. Diplomatic with choice of words, subtlety hinting at greater knowledge of events. This unsettled Alexandros

The man paused, awaiting a response

“Do not be concerned, it appears we have a…… mutual acquaintance”

The Inquisitor produce a small medallion form his robe, a medallion that Alexandros recognised

“I have been sent as a way of settling accounts, and to assist you on your mission, if you’ll allow it”

Alexandros allowed himself to relax a little, although he still did not fully trust the man in front of him, he trusted that medallion and he was grateful to know that his friend had not abandoned him

“But where are my manners? I am Inquisitor Lord Tiberius of the Ordo Xenos. I have heard of your exploits, both in this theatre and previously”

He picked up the tome off the table

“I will ultimately need your report on current events, but first there is the small matter of your loyalty…”

“Do you think me a traitor, My Lord” Alexandros finally spoke

“I do not make decisions based on rumour and speculation in matters of import such as this. In circumstances such as these one must go to the most reliable source available, in this case to the person most deeply connected to the subject matter. I have never underestimated the potency of simple…”

“Interrogation, my lord?” Interrupted Alexandros

“….Questioning” Tiberius corrected “At present your entire chapter has been branded as traitors, however I am compiling a report that may make some headway in differentiating between those who have fallen, and those whom still fight for the Emperor”

Alexandros sighed “What knowledge do you seek, My Lord?” he asked begrudgingly

“I need to know of your history, and that of your chapter” replied the Inquisitor “I know Space Marines keep such knowledge hidden from prying eyes, and although I will not force you to share such intimate information, You should be aware that this report will greatly aid your mission”

“Before I tell you about myself, or the state in which my chapter now finds itself in I must first tell you of our past, our greatness and our glory. So that you may know just what we have lost” Alexandros said as he took a seat at the table.

“You have my full attention” replied Tiberius, tome and quill firmly in hand

That's all for this time, hope you enjoyed it