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Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Last Watch

Hi there! Hope everyone had a Great Christmas!

Something a little different for this post

My Brother and I have started preparing for a possible Mordheim campaign so I have got myself a little warband

I wanted to do something different rather than just human mercenaries so I came up with the idea of the group being survivors of the City's Garrison

And here they are - The Last Watch
The Last Watch, led by Hauptmann Luther Weiss
Hauptmann Luther Weiss (Captain)
Sword, Dagger, Buckler, Duelling Pistol
Sergeant Edmund Richter (Champion)
Two-Handed Sword, Dagger
Master-at-Arms Karl Hartmann (Champion)
Halberd, Dagger
Recruit Eric Jung (Youngblood)
Spear, Dagger
Recruit Franz Schreiber (Youngblood)
Spear, Dagger

3 Men
Bows, Daggers
2 Men
Swords, Daggers, Bucklers

I've decided to go with the maximum amount of heroes for extra income and since they are technically Reiklanders rule-wise I've gone for 3 bowmen instead of my usual 2

Hopefully you'll be seeing more of these guys soon

That's all for now, see you next time



Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Say Hello to my little friends.....

Hello again!

Regular readers will remember a few weeks ago that the Breaker Rebellions started with a vengeance and I managed to scrape a victory against my good friend Colonel Scipio. However, with just starting the Breakers my options for the army were limited and although I had men to spare I lacked firepower.

The solution? Big guns, Lots of big guns

Now that the Rebellion has started, It makes sense that the Wardens will bring out the guns and equipment that they would normal reserve for major uprisings to use against their Palladian oppressors 

Watchman Auto-Cannon, the closest they thing  have to an AT gun

As well as bringing in more firepower, Watchmen have learnt some harsh lessons and are now making good use of cover
Problems? 10D6 Solutions per turn

So will this extra firepower give the Breakers an edge or is the might of the Palladian war machine just too powerful? Keep checking in to watch the Fourth Edethorian war unfold
See you next time

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Introducing Inquisitor Lord Tiberius

Hello again!

This time I shall be Introducing one of my long standing Characters that I've recently made the model for - Inquisitor Lord Tiberius
Inquisitor Lord Tiberius is a long-serving affiliate of the Ordo Xenos.

Tiberius has served in many campaigns against a myriad of foes and his combat abilities are unquestioned, however his main strength is his Diplomatic skills. He prefers to assist in campaigns, not take control, as he believes that wresting control of Imperial Commanders does more harm than good (unless the situation is dire) instead uses his skills to guide and gain support through his extensive network of contacts.

He is systematic, meticulous and methodical, and speaks in a diplomatic but direct manner. Age is slowly catching up to him; he has also had his left ear bionically modified after being burned in a previous endeavour, he has a walking cane though he does not rely on it*. He seeks to understand the workings of things, even if it is to discover just how to destroy them.
* Tiberius’ Cane is a well-crafted cane-sword, a master forged stiletto blade in a wraith bone scabbard. It serves Tiberius well as most security forces neglect to disarm an aging man of his walking stick

Tiberius is on route to the Palladian Sector from the Hydrax Sector. After assisting an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor by questioning Squad Leader Alexandros of Recon Team Delta (Blades of Fire Chapter), he has been tasked with compiling a report on the status of the renegade Blades of Fire Chapter.  

Tiberius’ bodyguard (or ‘Cadre’) is comprised completely of volunteers from various sources, and varies from soldiers to support staff to ship crew. At present many of his Cadre are from the Kerysian Military, as Tiberius has recently re-located his personal headquarters on the planet Kerysia. 51st Kerysian Specialist Entry Team ‘Sandman 3-2’ and Laurus Rex Orbital Landing Party 15 have been assigned to 122/17th Pioneer Company, Palladian Guard to help train local forces in Urban Pacification Tactics
Sandman 3-2 and OLP 15 are part of the collaboration project between myself and Colonel Scipio, you can see his contribution here, hopefully there will be a post on my guys in the near future 
Tiberius' Cadre
The models used for the Cadre are simply ones that I've had lying around from what was going to be my next army before the opportunity for the Breakers came up, as well as some spare models I had.
Currently in the Cadre are Infantry from the 51st Kerysian Regiment and a Desert Ranger from the 16th Hydraxian (front left)

Well that's all for now, see you next time



Sunday, 1 December 2013

Back In!!

Hello again!

Firstly an apology for the lack of posts, I had a slight computer malfunction followed by a slight internet malfunction, but fear not! after a long exodus I have returned.

About a week ago, myself and Colonel Scipio played a 500 point battle using my Breakers as part of the newly started campaign 'The Fourth Edethorian War'

The battle was simple - The start of the Breaker Rebellions, Scipio was entrenched in the Palace headquarters and had to hold back wave after wave of Breaker Cultists, backed up by Traitor Blades of Fire. The battle was close fought with Scipio slowly getting overwhelmed by my never-ending supply of men and with my chaos marines cutting through his flank, however, by the end of turn 6 I had only managed to contest the Objective.

It was at this point that thing got interesting.....

Scipio's Brother - another ardent wargamer, had his force added into the swirling conflict of the Fourth Edethorian War, the Storm Wolves Chapter of space marines.

The next 6 turns were a blur of close combat with the just a single squad of Storm Wolves cutting through Cultist and Palladians alike. The highlight was the Storm Wolves wiping out a 36-strong Cultist Squad in one turn!

In the end it was a bit confusing as to exactly who had achieved what. Scipio decided that the Palladians would have fallen back due to casualties and his brother decided that since his marines had no interest in the palace he would withdraw too, and since it was meant to be the start of the Breaker Rebellions but they had lost many, many men it was decided it was a pyrrhic victory for the Breakers.

So stay tuned to here, Scipio's blog and Headologist's  blog to see the war unfold.

On the modelling front - I have recently finished a new squad for the breakers!

And here they are -

The Watchmen
Watchman armed with a Shotgun

Watchmen Command Squad - Led by Overseer Malachi deBurgh 

Sergeant Decanus spurs on the Overseer
The main Watchmen Squad

 The Watchmen are the local Police/Security/Supression force in Breaker territory, but since they have been treated just as badly by the Palladians they have decided to throw their lot in with the rebellion. The are training the Breaker population on soldering and are will stop at nothing to protect their community 

 Well that's all for this time - keep checking in for more!

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Crimson Skulls

Evening All.

Over the past few weekend I've been slowly, but surely, creating a new unit - the Crimson Skulls.
at the moment I only have a squad of 5 as I was playing around with the colours until I felt happy, in the future they will be a 10 strong unit

A small detachment of the Crimson Skulls - led by Sgt. Fleischer
The Crimson Skulls are a mercenary company that have gathered strength over the past few decades, based primarily in a sector neighbouring the Palladian Sector. They are a reliable group taking on a variety of contracts from security work to urban pacification, however, they are well aware of the saying 'A dead mercenary doesn't need paying' and so always look out for themselves, and always reserve the right to cancel a contract.

They will only follow orders form their chain of command and do not care for the causes of their employers, but they are well equipped and well trained, most commanders are will to overlook their negatives in favour of having a versatile, heavy hitting unit.

Recently, Crimson Skull detachments have been spotted landing all over Edethor, especially in areas of heavy insurgent activity. Their are a lot of questions surrounding the Skulls, What are they doing in the Palladian Sector? How will their arrival effect the upcoming war? but more importantly - Who is employing them?


See you next time


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Introducing the Breakers

Hello again

This week I will be introducing my next project - 'The Breakers'

The Breakers will be one of the Factions in the upcoming campaign between myself, Colonel Scipio, and Headologist.

The Breakers are a nice change of pace from my previous armies, which where  small, elite forces. Whereas the Breakers are a massive wave of undertrained and badly equipped masses, protecting a small, hardened element at its core. I've used the army list in the Imperial Armour book The Badab War (Volume One) which is used to represent a secessionist force and is perfect for what I need here

Here is a brief overview of the Breakers themselves

Elements of the Traitor Blades of Fire have successfully infiltrated the mining community of Diruam Metallorum, known as ‘The Breakers’

The Breaker Community gets its name for the massive rock crushing machines that are scattered around the local area, and most of the population are employed in the destruction of the rocks and boulders taken from the nearby mines and extracting the Ores within.

 The Breakers have suffered disproportionately at the hands of their so-called protectors. They have in the past even assisted Palladian investigations into rebellions of other communities, only to be repaid with pillaging and mass executions of  ‘Rebellious Instigators’  - The Breakers have lost all faith in the Imperial Creed and are now fighting back to protect their community.

With the arrival of the Traitor Blades, the Breakers have become more aggressive. Most of the Breakers have little care of the happenings outside the community, but now a cult has formed in devotion of their ‘Saviours’ and is growing rapidly, taking up their new masters beliefs and are willing to die in service to their new, superhuman overlords.

Some of the Breakers have devoted themselves to their new masters more than others and have become cultists

Unbeknown to the Breakers – the Traitor Blades care little for their pathetic devotion. They are simply using the Breakers as cannon fodder and to mask their operations in that sector.

Those who read Colonel Scipio's Blog will think that the Cultists look familiar, and that is because they do, I've bought them off Scipio and are now using them as a single 30odd strong human shield! 

And Introducing Sergeant Quirinus Decanus, who is currently leading the Traitor Blades in the area and stirring up the Breakers

Quirinus was promoted to Sergeant just before the split in the Chapter but is considered something of a promising Champion amongst the traitors, gathering more marines to his side than would normally be expected.

So with Nothing Further To Report, I'll see you next time

Monday, 14 October 2013

Evacuation! Mission Rules

Just a quick one today - As promised here's the scenario rules for the Evacuation! mission that myself and Colonel Scipio played over the weekend

I must say that the scenario worked very well first time out, however feel free to comment with any suggestions or on how you found the scenario

See you next time




The defenders are in the final stages of evacuating a now compromised secret base. The attackers’ hunter-killer force is trying to pinpoint the location of the base, and one of the Lead elements of that force has finally found them.


Both Forces are selected using the standard Force Organisation Chart to a points cost selected by the players, however the attacker gains and extra 50% of the points. For example, if a 1000 points limit is agreed, the attacker has 1500 points to spend

Objective/Victory Conditions

The defenders must defend the landing pad to the rear of the of their deployment zone in order to evacuate, the attackers must destroy the landing pad

If the Landing Pad is destroyed then the attackers win, if not then it means victory for the defenders

Set up/Deployment

Defenders set up within 12” of the landing Pad.

The attackers Lead Element sets up at least 24” away from any defender units, all other units start as a reserve

The Lead Element is single Troops choice, including any dedicated transports or a single unit with the ‘Scouts’ Universal Special Rule

To represent the fact that the attacker’s forces are spread over a wide region searching for the Defenders and that they are now rushing to the area, the attacker’s forces start in reserve, but enter the battlefield in the following way:

Each unit rolls a D6 and applies any modifiers below, if the total is 6 or more the unit in question has reached the area and joins the attack (an unmodified roll of 6 is always a success). Then roll a D6 and refer to the diagram to see which board edge it enters from.

Fast attack +1

Heavy Support –1

Unit with a Dedicated Transport +1

Every Turn after the 1st +1
(for example turn 4 would have a +3 modifier)

Units with ‘Scout’ and/or ‘Move Through Cover’ Special Rules +1

First Turn

Roll off between the two players to determine who gets the first turn

Game Length

On the 6th turn and every turn after the defender rolls a D6, on a 4+ the last shuttle lifts off and the game ends, a roll lower than 4 and the shuttle is yet to take off and the game goes on for another turn

Destroying the Landing Pad

The landing pad had 14 Armour and 3 structure points

On a Glancing hit the Landing Pad losses a Structure Point on a roll of a 6

On a Penetrating hit the Landing Pad losses a Structure Point on a roll of 4+

When the Landing Pad is reduced to 0 Structure Points it is destroyed

Special Rules

Forward Sentries – Any defender units with the ‘Scout’ Special Rule may deploy up to 24” from the landing Pad

Deep Strike – Any attacking units that have the ‘Deep Strike’ Special Rule may use the Deep Strike Rules as normal instead of entering using the scenario rules

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Battle Report - Evacuation!


Tonight saw the third of a series of battle fought between my Loyalist Blades Of Fire marines and Colonel Scipio's Palladian Guard.

This time we played a scenario of my own devising, entitled Evacuation!
The story behind the scenario is simple - Task Force Minerva has been pushed back and now their encampment is under threat and Daxos has ordered the encampment evacuated. The Palladians are  spread over a wide area searching for the Blades.

And now they have found them.

The Exact rules will follow in a future post, however I've tried to capture the essence of an attacking army spread over and area rushing to the sight of the objective, with fast and scouty units getting there quicker than lumbering tanks and slow units. And the Attacker have the advantage of being able to bring more forces to the party/battle

Now onto the battle!

The forces where as such

I had 1000 points to play with and I chose -

1st Sergeant Daxos
5 man Vanguard Veterans (2 Power weapons, 3 Storm Shields)
6 Man Devastator Squad (2 Lascannons, 2 Missile Lauchers)
10 Man Tactical Squad (Meltagun)
10 Man Scout Sqaud (5 Sniper Rifles, Heavy Bolter)
Custodian Walker
Razorback (Multi Melta)

Scipio had 1500 to choose his army with he had -

Captain Severus with Command Squad in a Salamander Vehicle
10 Man Veteran Squad
2 Infantry Platoons (Infantry Squads with Heavy Bolters)
2 Leman Russ Demolishers
1 Leman Russ Executioner
Laser Destroyer
Sentinel (Missile Launcher)
Ratling Squad

Enemy Sighted!

 As you can see my (rather small) army is entrenched around the objective - in this case a landing pad and Colonel Scipio has just one Infantry Platoon in the top right.

In the first couple of turns, Colonel Scipio failed to get any other units on the table and the Platoon took a beating from the Custodian, although the HQ element managed to wipe out all but one of my Devastators in a single charge! however, said HQ element was then mown down by Bolter fire the Tactical squad close by. This was a devastating (excuse the pun) blow to me as Scipio had effectively eliminated one of my Anti tank units!

The Death of the Devastators

The Counter Assault (note the Palladian Casualties at the bottom!)

 On turn 4 all but 1 of Scipio's Forces where on the table and I was being over-run, with my Multi-melta wielding Razorback failing to take down his tanks and my left flank starting to collapse due to almost all of my opponent's army arriving on that flank and blasting the Custodian with shell after shell.

Even the Scouts had to get stuck in on the left flank!
Turn 5 saw Daxos rampaging through the remaining infantry on the right flank, supported by the Tactical Squad, however Palladian Veterans had managed to slip in behind the defensive line.

It was at this point that I just had too much to shoot at! I had been over-run completely and the landing pad had start to come under fire

Palladian Veterans slip through the Blades defences

 Turn 6 and only Daxos and one other Vanguard, as well as the majority of the tactical was all that remained, as the scouts had sacrificed themselves trying to destroy one of the Demolishers. The infantry killing was merely a sideshow compared to the bombardment the Landing pad was taking.

The landing pad was still standing at the end of turn 6, however, under the scenario rules the game only finishes after a roll of 4+ every turn after the 6th, and after a roll of a 3 victory was slowly slipping from my grasp.

Turn 7 saw the Veterans and Captain Severus' retinue had closed on the objective, the Tactical Squad lacked the firepower to deal with them all, and although the Severus' Squad was decimated the Veterans managed to get 2 Meltabombs on the Objective, weakening the structure.

Luckly for me Scipio's Tanks failed to finish it off, so it all depended on the end-of-game roll, the Die was cast......

........ a 1

And that was it, the last of the Tactical Squad was taken out, and Daxos was too far to do anything. In the end a Demolisher Cannon dealt the killing blow

I was Defeated

I was a cracking, nail-biting, exciting game - the scenario mechanics worked really well and it lead to one of the closest fought games I have played.

Next time I will share the Scenario rules as well as update Daxos' story

See you then


Friday, 4 October 2013

Task Force Minerva Update

Hello again

I have recently (and I mean recently) finished one of my projects - this one in particular is the last component, for now at least, of my Loyalist Blades army.

Those who subscribe to Colonel Scipio's blog will be aware of the on-going campaign between the two of us, and as a sort of journal I have been writing the battles and the interim between them in a story, And to introduce the new model here is an excerpt from said story

' [Daxos] moved to the far end of the Hanger where the source of the light originated, there he found Techmarine Praxiteles, busy working on the shell of a Dreadnought.

“How fares Ezekiel?” Daxos asked the Techmarine
“He slumbers” replied Praxiteles, not once taking his eyes off his work “He is fortunate, if my predecessor had not upgraded the Auxiliary power generator he would be with the Emperor. I have replaced the damaged arm servo but the damage to the legs is far more severe than I had feared, and the assault cannon still has much to be done.”

Daxos looked at the husk, The Imperial Guard had ripped the chassis to pieces, but luckily they had not breached the sarcophagus.

“Duration?” asked Daxos tentatively

Praxiteles looked at Daxos and shook his head “2 weeks with a full team of servitors and the proper facilities, here? 3 months if the Emperor is with us”

Daxos grimaced, Ezekiel was a major asset to his task force and this was a serious blow to his mission, but he had to push on.'


So, with a major fire support asset out of action, things are looking bad for Task Force Minerva, what can Praxiteles do to remedy the situation?
And here it is - The Custodian Walker
I got the idea while generally thinking about how Space Marine armouries. They would have servitors for the small stuff like arms and ammunition, cranes and the like for the big stuff, but what about the stuff in between? like missiles and artillery shells? Then I remembered the final battle in the film 'Aliens' and so the Custodian was born
The model is based on a Dreadknight without all the armoured plates, I then added guitar strings for the exposed power cable and a Land Speeder Tornado Assault Cannon as the main armament.
I've tried to make it look like its not designed for a combat role, but has had to be jury-rigged into service due to the situation, let me know what you think - all feedback welcome!
Well that's all for today


Sunday, 29 September 2013

Task Force Minerva

Hello again

Its been a busy week with taking on more duties and the threat of a last minute 'holiday' at work means most of my projects have been but on the back burner, but fear not - I still have a subject on which to post

Two weeks ago I entered the 'Armies on Parade' at my local GW store with my Blades of Fire army, unfortunately I didn't get on the podium (mainly because the competition was fierce!)

So I've decided to share them with you today, as well as a few extra units that I've got in my collection.

Task Force Minerva are currently deployed on Edethor and have already come to blows with Colonel Scipio's Palladian Guard (see Get the Relic! and Seize the Comms Tower)

Also in my collection are these two squads which will hopefully make their debut in a future battle

Terminator Squad Gaius

An anomaly among my collection as they're the only models not to be converted! Sergeant Gaius Daniscus will hopefully spearhead a future mission - I've always liked terminators so hopefully they'll get a chance to rack up some kills

Outrider Squad Eutropius

A project that I completed just recently - lead by Sergeant Europius Reinardus, these are based on the beautiful Forgeworld Outrider models with some 'normal' Space Marine parts thrown in, I adore the look of these bikes and cant wait to throw them into the crucible of battle!

Well, That's all for now, I'll keep you updated on all my projects


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Blades of Fire Superpost Part Two - The Armies

And Now on to part 2 of the Superpost which covers The Composition of the two opposing forces

Pre-corruption Organisation

The Original Chapter comprised of 12 Companies with 120 Marines each, and unlike codex Chapters each company was organised as a self contained fighting force - each company was expected to keep and maintain it own Tanks, equipment and support as well as its own recruitment, scouts were considered 'support' and were not deemed to be part of the main fighting force
The 1st Company was the Veteran Company, I was a high honour to be transferred into their ranks.
Each Captain was given far more flexibility that those in other Chapters regarding the Equipment and tactics used, as companies  often conducted campaigns independently.

Current Numbers

After the Betrayal on Deneris, approximately 840 marines turned traitor while roughly 360 remained loyal. About 240 Marines where killed during the battle.

Unit Composition


Reconnaissance Squads – Remnants of the Chapters Veterans and squads proven in battle are formed into small teams, rarely more than 6 marines, to hunt down Traitor forces and alert of the Chapter of any finds. Usually operating from an ‘Gladius’ class ships they spend vast amounts of time behind enemy lines, and so get access to the highest quality wargear.

Space Marine Squads – Led by a Sergeant or a Squad Leader, they are tactically flexible and have access to a wide variety of weapons and equipment. Larger squads form the backbone of a Task Force while small squads take on specialised roles.

Sergeant – Blades of Fire Sergeants are Veterans who lead the squads in battle. Due to limited numbers their experience is invaluable and they are often needed to lead Task Forces.

Squad Leader – Due to the small number of Sergeants, Marines with have proven leadership skills are given the title of Squad Leader and fulfil the same role as Sergeants.

 Scout Squads – Scouts are used as pathfinders for the main Task Forces. In battle they take up fire support roles.

Terminators – Terminators are the spearhead of a Task Force to which they are attached. Due to limited numbers, they are only deployed when the presence of a Traitor Blade warband is confirmed.

Task Force – Called in by the Reconnaissance Squads, Task Forces vary in size and unit composition based upon size of the enemy force, the recommendations of the Reconnaissance Squads and the limitations of loyalist forces available. Task Forces are led by one of the loyalist Captains or a Senior Sergeant. If another member of the task force has the same rank as the commander, the commander is given the title prefix of ‘1st’ (e.g. 1st Sergeant). Vehicles and support personnel are deployed with Task Forces as needed. Task Forces operate from Strike Cruisers with a small escort and set up temporary encampments as a base for operations on the surface.


Squads – The pre-corruption Squad structure has been abandoned by the traitors. Marines follow dominant Sergeants to increase their own standing in the chapter. The Squads weapons are dependent on the personal equipment of the marines assembled.

Daemons – Daemons are summoned by the Liberians-turned-sorcerers to supplement the warbands. Due to Aemalianus’ failings on Selene, these are often weak servants of the minor Chaos Gods.

Cultists – Traitor Blades often recruit Cultists on worlds they invade to destabilize the planet, cover their movements and act as cannon fodder for the main warband.

Warbands – Like the Loyalist Task Forces, Traitor Warbands vary in size and composition and vary from single squads to multiple companies. Some have been sent by Aemalianus to uncover artefacts or gain favour with the Chaos Gods and other Traitor Legions and Chapters, some are sent to cause havoc on Imperial worlds. Others still have left the Chapter altogether, preferring to gain the favour of the Chaos Gods on their own.

Blades of Fire Superpost Part One - Characters and History

Hello again

To try and get some substance to my blog I have decided to do a 2-parter!

First up - Characters and History


Here is a brief over view of  the main characters in the Blades of Fire Chapter - the list is not exhaustive and I'll be introducing more characters at a later date

Xavier Marescallus
1st Captain, Leader of Loyalist

 Aemalianus Saluagius
Former Chapter Master, Leader of the Traitors

Loyalist Techmarine, Currently serving in Task Force Minerva

1st Sergeant, Leading Task Force Minerva on Edethor



The Former homeworld of the Blades is Domus, and the Chapter Monastery was established on the Planets Moon called Selene
25% of the population are Nobles; they have Latin names (First Name, House Name)

75% are Common; Greek name (1 Name)

Planet undergoing Inquisitorial Purge after the Chapter turned renegade.


Notable Engagements


Assisted Grey Knights in eliminating Daemon incursion and Chaos insurrection. Grey Knights were fought to a standstill by Chaos forces until Blades arrived and pushed on the Chaos flank, allowing the Grey Knight to kill the Daemon Lord. Blades were gifted with 10 Suits of Aegis Armour for their assistance.

 DX04 – Y

After tracking the remnants of the cult from Braxia, the Blades caught up with the warband on the deadworld of DX04 – Y, the warband had unearthed several Artefacts that the Blades seized after they defeated the Warband, Chaplin Augustus ordered the artefacts destroyed, however, Aemalianus secretly kept some of them to study.


After assaulting the Fortress Capital on Deneris as a chapter, Aemalianus revealed himself and the corrupted elements of the chapter, he then sacrificed  the Chapters Chaplains as the Loyalist rallied around Xavier. Loyalist forces conduct a fighting retreat off the planet.

 Selene (Orbiting Domus)

Loyalist seize a chance to raid the Fortress Monastery on Selene to recover (or destroy) Geneseed and chapter artefacts. The raid is actually a trap orchestrated by Aemalianus, as without the chaplains Xavier is needed to open geneseed vault.

Xavier splits the Loyalists into 2 forces, 1 group to reclaim the artefacts in the armoury, the second, led by Xavier, to recover the geneseed, after Xavier inadvertently opens the vault Aemalianus strikes. After a fierce fight Xavier is rescued by Captain Akakios in the Aegis Suits and the loyalist escape after destroying the geneseed vault.


Current Whereabouts

Aemalianus has abandoned Domus and is conducting raids to recover Chaos artefacts; he has sent squads to various Chaos warbands increase his standing with the Chaos Gods and other Traitor forces. 


Xavier has split the Loyalist into task forces of various sizes to track down traitor Blades and to support Imperial forces.


Monday, 16 September 2013


Hi there!
First things first - I'll Introduce myself
I am Coldsteel and I am a long time friend, opponent and now fellow blogger of Colonel Scipio and Headologist. Some of you may recognise me from my battles with Scipio. And now, taking said Scipio's advice I have started my own wargame blog.
The Blog will be focusing mainly on my Space Marine Chapter - The Blades of Fire, but will inevitably include some side projects and other miscellaneous things that I will want to share.
And now with no ado whatsoever, I present to you.....
The Blades of Fire

Loyalist Blades of Fire Marine

Traitor Blades of Fire Marine

The Blades of Fire are a Renegade Chapter that are now terrorising any planet they come across, only serving the Chaos Gods only to increase their power, loyal only to themselves.

However, there is a small contingent that remain loyal to the Imperium, these Loyalists are fighting a lost cause - trying to destroy as many of their fallen brothers as they can whist avoiding Imperial forces that are hunting the Chapter down.

I'll be expanding the Background of the Chapter over the coming posts, as well as the models for the armies. Also keep an eye out for the Campaign Reports that me and Scipio are currently playing through

So, until next time.....