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Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Last Watch

Hi there! Hope everyone had a Great Christmas!

Something a little different for this post

My Brother and I have started preparing for a possible Mordheim campaign so I have got myself a little warband

I wanted to do something different rather than just human mercenaries so I came up with the idea of the group being survivors of the City's Garrison

And here they are - The Last Watch
The Last Watch, led by Hauptmann Luther Weiss
Hauptmann Luther Weiss (Captain)
Sword, Dagger, Buckler, Duelling Pistol
Sergeant Edmund Richter (Champion)
Two-Handed Sword, Dagger
Master-at-Arms Karl Hartmann (Champion)
Halberd, Dagger
Recruit Eric Jung (Youngblood)
Spear, Dagger
Recruit Franz Schreiber (Youngblood)
Spear, Dagger

3 Men
Bows, Daggers
2 Men
Swords, Daggers, Bucklers

I've decided to go with the maximum amount of heroes for extra income and since they are technically Reiklanders rule-wise I've gone for 3 bowmen instead of my usual 2

Hopefully you'll be seeing more of these guys soon

That's all for now, see you next time




  1. Nice - and I love the name! Good colours as well, very bold. Make sure my zombies can spot them in the dark...

  2. Could have sworn I'd commented... Bloody love them, very nice colour scheme. Should have a Stirland captain to post soon....