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Friday, 4 October 2013

Task Force Minerva Update

Hello again

I have recently (and I mean recently) finished one of my projects - this one in particular is the last component, for now at least, of my Loyalist Blades army.

Those who subscribe to Colonel Scipio's blog will be aware of the on-going campaign between the two of us, and as a sort of journal I have been writing the battles and the interim between them in a story, And to introduce the new model here is an excerpt from said story

' [Daxos] moved to the far end of the Hanger where the source of the light originated, there he found Techmarine Praxiteles, busy working on the shell of a Dreadnought.

“How fares Ezekiel?” Daxos asked the Techmarine
“He slumbers” replied Praxiteles, not once taking his eyes off his work “He is fortunate, if my predecessor had not upgraded the Auxiliary power generator he would be with the Emperor. I have replaced the damaged arm servo but the damage to the legs is far more severe than I had feared, and the assault cannon still has much to be done.”

Daxos looked at the husk, The Imperial Guard had ripped the chassis to pieces, but luckily they had not breached the sarcophagus.

“Duration?” asked Daxos tentatively

Praxiteles looked at Daxos and shook his head “2 weeks with a full team of servitors and the proper facilities, here? 3 months if the Emperor is with us”

Daxos grimaced, Ezekiel was a major asset to his task force and this was a serious blow to his mission, but he had to push on.'


So, with a major fire support asset out of action, things are looking bad for Task Force Minerva, what can Praxiteles do to remedy the situation?
And here it is - The Custodian Walker
I got the idea while generally thinking about how Space Marine armouries. They would have servitors for the small stuff like arms and ammunition, cranes and the like for the big stuff, but what about the stuff in between? like missiles and artillery shells? Then I remembered the final battle in the film 'Aliens' and so the Custodian was born
The model is based on a Dreadknight without all the armoured plates, I then added guitar strings for the exposed power cable and a Land Speeder Tornado Assault Cannon as the main armament.
I've tried to make it look like its not designed for a combat role, but has had to be jury-rigged into service due to the situation, let me know what you think - all feedback welcome!
Well that's all for today



  1. Very impressive, you've got the jury-rigged look perfect and to my eyes (not a SMurf player) I can't even tell it started out as a Dreadnought, looks very original. Looking forward to my blokes being crushed to mush by it!

  2. A ruddy superb conversion sir, love it. Never liked the original Dreadknight model much, but this works really nicley and looks jury-rigged as you wanted. Wish I hadn't written my Chapter as disliking too much tech now... ah well I suppose if they can have a few Dreadnoughts I might let myself have a Dreadknight :P Are you using this as a counts as Dreadnought ruleswise? - Kieran /' Headologist (Google won't let me sign into Blogger at the mo, grr).

    1. I think it will be a 'Count as' Dreadnaught, keeps it simple

      You could blag it - considering it an exoskeleton of sorts, and an extension of power armour rather than a vehicle. Can't see one of these with computers systems and a machine spirit!