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Friday, 25 October 2013

The Crimson Skulls

Evening All.

Over the past few weekend I've been slowly, but surely, creating a new unit - the Crimson Skulls.
at the moment I only have a squad of 5 as I was playing around with the colours until I felt happy, in the future they will be a 10 strong unit

A small detachment of the Crimson Skulls - led by Sgt. Fleischer
The Crimson Skulls are a mercenary company that have gathered strength over the past few decades, based primarily in a sector neighbouring the Palladian Sector. They are a reliable group taking on a variety of contracts from security work to urban pacification, however, they are well aware of the saying 'A dead mercenary doesn't need paying' and so always look out for themselves, and always reserve the right to cancel a contract.

They will only follow orders form their chain of command and do not care for the causes of their employers, but they are well equipped and well trained, most commanders are will to overlook their negatives in favour of having a versatile, heavy hitting unit.

Recently, Crimson Skull detachments have been spotted landing all over Edethor, especially in areas of heavy insurgent activity. Their are a lot of questions surrounding the Skulls, What are they doing in the Palladian Sector? How will their arrival effect the upcoming war? but more importantly - Who is employing them?


See you next time



  1. Anything involving classic Stormtrooeprs gets my vote. These chaps are looking good.

  2. Bloody love them sir, you can never go wrong with mercenaries and I second the Colonel's comments - anything with these Stormies is gold.