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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Introducing Inquisitor Lord Tiberius

Hello again!

This time I shall be Introducing one of my long standing Characters that I've recently made the model for - Inquisitor Lord Tiberius
Inquisitor Lord Tiberius is a long-serving affiliate of the Ordo Xenos.

Tiberius has served in many campaigns against a myriad of foes and his combat abilities are unquestioned, however his main strength is his Diplomatic skills. He prefers to assist in campaigns, not take control, as he believes that wresting control of Imperial Commanders does more harm than good (unless the situation is dire) instead uses his skills to guide and gain support through his extensive network of contacts.

He is systematic, meticulous and methodical, and speaks in a diplomatic but direct manner. Age is slowly catching up to him; he has also had his left ear bionically modified after being burned in a previous endeavour, he has a walking cane though he does not rely on it*. He seeks to understand the workings of things, even if it is to discover just how to destroy them.
* Tiberius’ Cane is a well-crafted cane-sword, a master forged stiletto blade in a wraith bone scabbard. It serves Tiberius well as most security forces neglect to disarm an aging man of his walking stick

Tiberius is on route to the Palladian Sector from the Hydrax Sector. After assisting an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor by questioning Squad Leader Alexandros of Recon Team Delta (Blades of Fire Chapter), he has been tasked with compiling a report on the status of the renegade Blades of Fire Chapter.  

Tiberius’ bodyguard (or ‘Cadre’) is comprised completely of volunteers from various sources, and varies from soldiers to support staff to ship crew. At present many of his Cadre are from the Kerysian Military, as Tiberius has recently re-located his personal headquarters on the planet Kerysia. 51st Kerysian Specialist Entry Team ‘Sandman 3-2’ and Laurus Rex Orbital Landing Party 15 have been assigned to 122/17th Pioneer Company, Palladian Guard to help train local forces in Urban Pacification Tactics
Sandman 3-2 and OLP 15 are part of the collaboration project between myself and Colonel Scipio, you can see his contribution here, hopefully there will be a post on my guys in the near future 
Tiberius' Cadre
The models used for the Cadre are simply ones that I've had lying around from what was going to be my next army before the opportunity for the Breakers came up, as well as some spare models I had.
Currently in the Cadre are Infantry from the 51st Kerysian Regiment and a Desert Ranger from the 16th Hydraxian (front left)

Well that's all for now, see you next time



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  1. Looking good - that's a great conversion, I've seen him in the flesh. Looking forward to seeing what dark machinations he throws into the mix!