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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Blades of Fire Superpost Part One - Characters and History

Hello again

To try and get some substance to my blog I have decided to do a 2-parter!

First up - Characters and History


Here is a brief over view of  the main characters in the Blades of Fire Chapter - the list is not exhaustive and I'll be introducing more characters at a later date

Xavier Marescallus
1st Captain, Leader of Loyalist

 Aemalianus Saluagius
Former Chapter Master, Leader of the Traitors

Loyalist Techmarine, Currently serving in Task Force Minerva

1st Sergeant, Leading Task Force Minerva on Edethor



The Former homeworld of the Blades is Domus, and the Chapter Monastery was established on the Planets Moon called Selene
25% of the population are Nobles; they have Latin names (First Name, House Name)

75% are Common; Greek name (1 Name)

Planet undergoing Inquisitorial Purge after the Chapter turned renegade.


Notable Engagements


Assisted Grey Knights in eliminating Daemon incursion and Chaos insurrection. Grey Knights were fought to a standstill by Chaos forces until Blades arrived and pushed on the Chaos flank, allowing the Grey Knight to kill the Daemon Lord. Blades were gifted with 10 Suits of Aegis Armour for their assistance.

 DX04 – Y

After tracking the remnants of the cult from Braxia, the Blades caught up with the warband on the deadworld of DX04 – Y, the warband had unearthed several Artefacts that the Blades seized after they defeated the Warband, Chaplin Augustus ordered the artefacts destroyed, however, Aemalianus secretly kept some of them to study.


After assaulting the Fortress Capital on Deneris as a chapter, Aemalianus revealed himself and the corrupted elements of the chapter, he then sacrificed  the Chapters Chaplains as the Loyalist rallied around Xavier. Loyalist forces conduct a fighting retreat off the planet.

 Selene (Orbiting Domus)

Loyalist seize a chance to raid the Fortress Monastery on Selene to recover (or destroy) Geneseed and chapter artefacts. The raid is actually a trap orchestrated by Aemalianus, as without the chaplains Xavier is needed to open geneseed vault.

Xavier splits the Loyalists into 2 forces, 1 group to reclaim the artefacts in the armoury, the second, led by Xavier, to recover the geneseed, after Xavier inadvertently opens the vault Aemalianus strikes. After a fierce fight Xavier is rescued by Captain Akakios in the Aegis Suits and the loyalist escape after destroying the geneseed vault.


Current Whereabouts

Aemalianus has abandoned Domus and is conducting raids to recover Chaos artefacts; he has sent squads to various Chaos warbands increase his standing with the Chaos Gods and other Traitor forces. 


Xavier has split the Loyalist into task forces of various sizes to track down traitor Blades and to support Imperial forces.


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