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Monday, 16 September 2013


Hi there!
First things first - I'll Introduce myself
I am Coldsteel and I am a long time friend, opponent and now fellow blogger of Colonel Scipio and Headologist. Some of you may recognise me from my battles with Scipio. And now, taking said Scipio's advice I have started my own wargame blog.
The Blog will be focusing mainly on my Space Marine Chapter - The Blades of Fire, but will inevitably include some side projects and other miscellaneous things that I will want to share.
And now with no ado whatsoever, I present to you.....
The Blades of Fire

Loyalist Blades of Fire Marine

Traitor Blades of Fire Marine

The Blades of Fire are a Renegade Chapter that are now terrorising any planet they come across, only serving the Chaos Gods only to increase their power, loyal only to themselves.

However, there is a small contingent that remain loyal to the Imperium, these Loyalists are fighting a lost cause - trying to destroy as many of their fallen brothers as they can whist avoiding Imperial forces that are hunting the Chapter down.

I'll be expanding the Background of the Chapter over the coming posts, as well as the models for the armies. Also keep an eye out for the Campaign Reports that me and Scipio are currently playing through

So, until next time.....



  1. Looking good mate! Once I'm all moved maybe my Palladians can have another misguided attempt to take them out, and I can move my drinks cabinet six inches closer to your homeworld...

  2. Welcome to the blogging community Coldsteel :)

  3. Ave ! Nice to see some dastardly space marines out there, pushing over bus shelters and turning jam sour with a glance !