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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

More Loyalists

Greeting All,

Switching fire from the breakers this time with an update on the loyalist blades,

Todays offering is the Champion, Apothecary Dexter Nutrcius and a Sergeant with a Combi-Plasma

Apothecary Dexter Nutrcius is the last surviving Loyalist apothecary and serves with Xavier's Command Squad

The Model is from Forgeworld and I think looks amazing, with plenty of detail and a nice stance.

One of the reasons for having a single loyalist apothecary is to give a sort of false hope to the Loyalists, to hint at the slimmest of chances of rebuilding their Chapter when in reality they are all but doomed.

The Champion is another member of Xavier's Command Squad

I've equipped him with a boarding shield and a blade of fire. He hasn't got a name yet, and for now I think I'm going to keep it that way, I'll have to think of a fluffy reason why though

and lastly the new Sergeant equipped with a Combi-Plasma

I've decided to build a few new sergeants that are equipped with combi-weapons to give squads a little more fire-power, I've recently ordered some more parts to get a few more done so watch this space...

That's all for this time - see you later



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