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Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Last Watch

Hi there! Hope everyone had a Great Christmas!

Something a little different for this post

My Brother and I have started preparing for a possible Mordheim campaign so I have got myself a little warband

I wanted to do something different rather than just human mercenaries so I came up with the idea of the group being survivors of the City's Garrison

And here they are - The Last Watch
The Last Watch, led by Hauptmann Luther Weiss
Hauptmann Luther Weiss (Captain)
Sword, Dagger, Buckler, Duelling Pistol
Sergeant Edmund Richter (Champion)
Two-Handed Sword, Dagger
Master-at-Arms Karl Hartmann (Champion)
Halberd, Dagger
Recruit Eric Jung (Youngblood)
Spear, Dagger
Recruit Franz Schreiber (Youngblood)
Spear, Dagger

3 Men
Bows, Daggers
2 Men
Swords, Daggers, Bucklers

I've decided to go with the maximum amount of heroes for extra income and since they are technically Reiklanders rule-wise I've gone for 3 bowmen instead of my usual 2

Hopefully you'll be seeing more of these guys soon

That's all for now, see you next time



Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Say Hello to my little friends.....

Hello again!

Regular readers will remember a few weeks ago that the Breaker Rebellions started with a vengeance and I managed to scrape a victory against my good friend Colonel Scipio. However, with just starting the Breakers my options for the army were limited and although I had men to spare I lacked firepower.

The solution? Big guns, Lots of big guns

Now that the Rebellion has started, It makes sense that the Wardens will bring out the guns and equipment that they would normal reserve for major uprisings to use against their Palladian oppressors 

Watchman Auto-Cannon, the closest they thing  have to an AT gun

As well as bringing in more firepower, Watchmen have learnt some harsh lessons and are now making good use of cover
Problems? 10D6 Solutions per turn

So will this extra firepower give the Breakers an edge or is the might of the Palladian war machine just too powerful? Keep checking in to watch the Fourth Edethorian war unfold
See you next time

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Introducing Inquisitor Lord Tiberius

Hello again!

This time I shall be Introducing one of my long standing Characters that I've recently made the model for - Inquisitor Lord Tiberius
Inquisitor Lord Tiberius is a long-serving affiliate of the Ordo Xenos.

Tiberius has served in many campaigns against a myriad of foes and his combat abilities are unquestioned, however his main strength is his Diplomatic skills. He prefers to assist in campaigns, not take control, as he believes that wresting control of Imperial Commanders does more harm than good (unless the situation is dire) instead uses his skills to guide and gain support through his extensive network of contacts.

He is systematic, meticulous and methodical, and speaks in a diplomatic but direct manner. Age is slowly catching up to him; he has also had his left ear bionically modified after being burned in a previous endeavour, he has a walking cane though he does not rely on it*. He seeks to understand the workings of things, even if it is to discover just how to destroy them.
* Tiberius’ Cane is a well-crafted cane-sword, a master forged stiletto blade in a wraith bone scabbard. It serves Tiberius well as most security forces neglect to disarm an aging man of his walking stick

Tiberius is on route to the Palladian Sector from the Hydrax Sector. After assisting an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor by questioning Squad Leader Alexandros of Recon Team Delta (Blades of Fire Chapter), he has been tasked with compiling a report on the status of the renegade Blades of Fire Chapter.  

Tiberius’ bodyguard (or ‘Cadre’) is comprised completely of volunteers from various sources, and varies from soldiers to support staff to ship crew. At present many of his Cadre are from the Kerysian Military, as Tiberius has recently re-located his personal headquarters on the planet Kerysia. 51st Kerysian Specialist Entry Team ‘Sandman 3-2’ and Laurus Rex Orbital Landing Party 15 have been assigned to 122/17th Pioneer Company, Palladian Guard to help train local forces in Urban Pacification Tactics
Sandman 3-2 and OLP 15 are part of the collaboration project between myself and Colonel Scipio, you can see his contribution here, hopefully there will be a post on my guys in the near future 
Tiberius' Cadre
The models used for the Cadre are simply ones that I've had lying around from what was going to be my next army before the opportunity for the Breakers came up, as well as some spare models I had.
Currently in the Cadre are Infantry from the 51st Kerysian Regiment and a Desert Ranger from the 16th Hydraxian (front left)

Well that's all for now, see you next time



Sunday, 1 December 2013

Back In!!

Hello again!

Firstly an apology for the lack of posts, I had a slight computer malfunction followed by a slight internet malfunction, but fear not! after a long exodus I have returned.

About a week ago, myself and Colonel Scipio played a 500 point battle using my Breakers as part of the newly started campaign 'The Fourth Edethorian War'

The battle was simple - The start of the Breaker Rebellions, Scipio was entrenched in the Palace headquarters and had to hold back wave after wave of Breaker Cultists, backed up by Traitor Blades of Fire. The battle was close fought with Scipio slowly getting overwhelmed by my never-ending supply of men and with my chaos marines cutting through his flank, however, by the end of turn 6 I had only managed to contest the Objective.

It was at this point that thing got interesting.....

Scipio's Brother - another ardent wargamer, had his force added into the swirling conflict of the Fourth Edethorian War, the Storm Wolves Chapter of space marines.

The next 6 turns were a blur of close combat with the just a single squad of Storm Wolves cutting through Cultist and Palladians alike. The highlight was the Storm Wolves wiping out a 36-strong Cultist Squad in one turn!

In the end it was a bit confusing as to exactly who had achieved what. Scipio decided that the Palladians would have fallen back due to casualties and his brother decided that since his marines had no interest in the palace he would withdraw too, and since it was meant to be the start of the Breaker Rebellions but they had lost many, many men it was decided it was a pyrrhic victory for the Breakers.

So stay tuned to here, Scipio's blog and Headologist's  blog to see the war unfold.

On the modelling front - I have recently finished a new squad for the breakers!

And here they are -

The Watchmen
Watchman armed with a Shotgun

Watchmen Command Squad - Led by Overseer Malachi deBurgh 

Sergeant Decanus spurs on the Overseer
The main Watchmen Squad

 The Watchmen are the local Police/Security/Supression force in Breaker territory, but since they have been treated just as badly by the Palladians they have decided to throw their lot in with the rebellion. The are training the Breaker population on soldering and are will stop at nothing to protect their community 

 Well that's all for this time - keep checking in for more!