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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Say Hello to my little friends.....

Hello again!

Regular readers will remember a few weeks ago that the Breaker Rebellions started with a vengeance and I managed to scrape a victory against my good friend Colonel Scipio. However, with just starting the Breakers my options for the army were limited and although I had men to spare I lacked firepower.

The solution? Big guns, Lots of big guns

Now that the Rebellion has started, It makes sense that the Wardens will bring out the guns and equipment that they would normal reserve for major uprisings to use against their Palladian oppressors 

Watchman Auto-Cannon, the closest they thing  have to an AT gun

As well as bringing in more firepower, Watchmen have learnt some harsh lessons and are now making good use of cover
Problems? 10D6 Solutions per turn

So will this extra firepower give the Breakers an edge or is the might of the Palladian war machine just too powerful? Keep checking in to watch the Fourth Edethorian war unfold
See you next time


  1. Oh dear. Looks like my nice neat Palladians are in for a bloody nose... cracking stuff, your painting style works really well on the turrets in particular, makes the best use of natural light.

    1. They've come out a lot better than I was expecting to be honest, thanks for the comment.