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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Back In!!

Hello again!

Firstly an apology for the lack of posts, I had a slight computer malfunction followed by a slight internet malfunction, but fear not! after a long exodus I have returned.

About a week ago, myself and Colonel Scipio played a 500 point battle using my Breakers as part of the newly started campaign 'The Fourth Edethorian War'

The battle was simple - The start of the Breaker Rebellions, Scipio was entrenched in the Palace headquarters and had to hold back wave after wave of Breaker Cultists, backed up by Traitor Blades of Fire. The battle was close fought with Scipio slowly getting overwhelmed by my never-ending supply of men and with my chaos marines cutting through his flank, however, by the end of turn 6 I had only managed to contest the Objective.

It was at this point that thing got interesting.....

Scipio's Brother - another ardent wargamer, had his force added into the swirling conflict of the Fourth Edethorian War, the Storm Wolves Chapter of space marines.

The next 6 turns were a blur of close combat with the just a single squad of Storm Wolves cutting through Cultist and Palladians alike. The highlight was the Storm Wolves wiping out a 36-strong Cultist Squad in one turn!

In the end it was a bit confusing as to exactly who had achieved what. Scipio decided that the Palladians would have fallen back due to casualties and his brother decided that since his marines had no interest in the palace he would withdraw too, and since it was meant to be the start of the Breaker Rebellions but they had lost many, many men it was decided it was a pyrrhic victory for the Breakers.

So stay tuned to here, Scipio's blog and Headologist's  blog to see the war unfold.

On the modelling front - I have recently finished a new squad for the breakers!

And here they are -

The Watchmen
Watchman armed with a Shotgun

Watchmen Command Squad - Led by Overseer Malachi deBurgh 

Sergeant Decanus spurs on the Overseer
The main Watchmen Squad

 The Watchmen are the local Police/Security/Supression force in Breaker territory, but since they have been treated just as badly by the Palladians they have decided to throw their lot in with the rebellion. The are training the Breaker population on soldering and are will stop at nothing to protect their community 

 Well that's all for this time - keep checking in for more!


  1. I like 'em - good call with the helmets, people normally just do them black but I like the contrast. Might have to copy that idea with my chaps...

    1. Also wanted to make the Helmet and Respirator look like two different items rather than an all-in-one full face helm