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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Task Force Minerva

Hello again

Its been a busy week with taking on more duties and the threat of a last minute 'holiday' at work means most of my projects have been but on the back burner, but fear not - I still have a subject on which to post

Two weeks ago I entered the 'Armies on Parade' at my local GW store with my Blades of Fire army, unfortunately I didn't get on the podium (mainly because the competition was fierce!)

So I've decided to share them with you today, as well as a few extra units that I've got in my collection.

Task Force Minerva are currently deployed on Edethor and have already come to blows with Colonel Scipio's Palladian Guard (see Get the Relic! and Seize the Comms Tower)

Also in my collection are these two squads which will hopefully make their debut in a future battle

Terminator Squad Gaius

An anomaly among my collection as they're the only models not to be converted! Sergeant Gaius Daniscus will hopefully spearhead a future mission - I've always liked terminators so hopefully they'll get a chance to rack up some kills

Outrider Squad Eutropius

A project that I completed just recently - lead by Sergeant Europius Reinardus, these are based on the beautiful Forgeworld Outrider models with some 'normal' Space Marine parts thrown in, I adore the look of these bikes and cant wait to throw them into the crucible of battle!

Well, That's all for now, I'll keep you updated on all my projects


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Blades of Fire Superpost Part Two - The Armies

And Now on to part 2 of the Superpost which covers The Composition of the two opposing forces

Pre-corruption Organisation

The Original Chapter comprised of 12 Companies with 120 Marines each, and unlike codex Chapters each company was organised as a self contained fighting force - each company was expected to keep and maintain it own Tanks, equipment and support as well as its own recruitment, scouts were considered 'support' and were not deemed to be part of the main fighting force
The 1st Company was the Veteran Company, I was a high honour to be transferred into their ranks.
Each Captain was given far more flexibility that those in other Chapters regarding the Equipment and tactics used, as companies  often conducted campaigns independently.

Current Numbers

After the Betrayal on Deneris, approximately 840 marines turned traitor while roughly 360 remained loyal. About 240 Marines where killed during the battle.

Unit Composition


Reconnaissance Squads – Remnants of the Chapters Veterans and squads proven in battle are formed into small teams, rarely more than 6 marines, to hunt down Traitor forces and alert of the Chapter of any finds. Usually operating from an ‘Gladius’ class ships they spend vast amounts of time behind enemy lines, and so get access to the highest quality wargear.

Space Marine Squads – Led by a Sergeant or a Squad Leader, they are tactically flexible and have access to a wide variety of weapons and equipment. Larger squads form the backbone of a Task Force while small squads take on specialised roles.

Sergeant – Blades of Fire Sergeants are Veterans who lead the squads in battle. Due to limited numbers their experience is invaluable and they are often needed to lead Task Forces.

Squad Leader – Due to the small number of Sergeants, Marines with have proven leadership skills are given the title of Squad Leader and fulfil the same role as Sergeants.

 Scout Squads – Scouts are used as pathfinders for the main Task Forces. In battle they take up fire support roles.

Terminators – Terminators are the spearhead of a Task Force to which they are attached. Due to limited numbers, they are only deployed when the presence of a Traitor Blade warband is confirmed.

Task Force – Called in by the Reconnaissance Squads, Task Forces vary in size and unit composition based upon size of the enemy force, the recommendations of the Reconnaissance Squads and the limitations of loyalist forces available. Task Forces are led by one of the loyalist Captains or a Senior Sergeant. If another member of the task force has the same rank as the commander, the commander is given the title prefix of ‘1st’ (e.g. 1st Sergeant). Vehicles and support personnel are deployed with Task Forces as needed. Task Forces operate from Strike Cruisers with a small escort and set up temporary encampments as a base for operations on the surface.


Squads – The pre-corruption Squad structure has been abandoned by the traitors. Marines follow dominant Sergeants to increase their own standing in the chapter. The Squads weapons are dependent on the personal equipment of the marines assembled.

Daemons – Daemons are summoned by the Liberians-turned-sorcerers to supplement the warbands. Due to Aemalianus’ failings on Selene, these are often weak servants of the minor Chaos Gods.

Cultists – Traitor Blades often recruit Cultists on worlds they invade to destabilize the planet, cover their movements and act as cannon fodder for the main warband.

Warbands – Like the Loyalist Task Forces, Traitor Warbands vary in size and composition and vary from single squads to multiple companies. Some have been sent by Aemalianus to uncover artefacts or gain favour with the Chaos Gods and other Traitor Legions and Chapters, some are sent to cause havoc on Imperial worlds. Others still have left the Chapter altogether, preferring to gain the favour of the Chaos Gods on their own.

Blades of Fire Superpost Part One - Characters and History

Hello again

To try and get some substance to my blog I have decided to do a 2-parter!

First up - Characters and History


Here is a brief over view of  the main characters in the Blades of Fire Chapter - the list is not exhaustive and I'll be introducing more characters at a later date

Xavier Marescallus
1st Captain, Leader of Loyalist

 Aemalianus Saluagius
Former Chapter Master, Leader of the Traitors

Loyalist Techmarine, Currently serving in Task Force Minerva

1st Sergeant, Leading Task Force Minerva on Edethor



The Former homeworld of the Blades is Domus, and the Chapter Monastery was established on the Planets Moon called Selene
25% of the population are Nobles; they have Latin names (First Name, House Name)

75% are Common; Greek name (1 Name)

Planet undergoing Inquisitorial Purge after the Chapter turned renegade.


Notable Engagements


Assisted Grey Knights in eliminating Daemon incursion and Chaos insurrection. Grey Knights were fought to a standstill by Chaos forces until Blades arrived and pushed on the Chaos flank, allowing the Grey Knight to kill the Daemon Lord. Blades were gifted with 10 Suits of Aegis Armour for their assistance.

 DX04 – Y

After tracking the remnants of the cult from Braxia, the Blades caught up with the warband on the deadworld of DX04 – Y, the warband had unearthed several Artefacts that the Blades seized after they defeated the Warband, Chaplin Augustus ordered the artefacts destroyed, however, Aemalianus secretly kept some of them to study.


After assaulting the Fortress Capital on Deneris as a chapter, Aemalianus revealed himself and the corrupted elements of the chapter, he then sacrificed  the Chapters Chaplains as the Loyalist rallied around Xavier. Loyalist forces conduct a fighting retreat off the planet.

 Selene (Orbiting Domus)

Loyalist seize a chance to raid the Fortress Monastery on Selene to recover (or destroy) Geneseed and chapter artefacts. The raid is actually a trap orchestrated by Aemalianus, as without the chaplains Xavier is needed to open geneseed vault.

Xavier splits the Loyalists into 2 forces, 1 group to reclaim the artefacts in the armoury, the second, led by Xavier, to recover the geneseed, after Xavier inadvertently opens the vault Aemalianus strikes. After a fierce fight Xavier is rescued by Captain Akakios in the Aegis Suits and the loyalist escape after destroying the geneseed vault.


Current Whereabouts

Aemalianus has abandoned Domus and is conducting raids to recover Chaos artefacts; he has sent squads to various Chaos warbands increase his standing with the Chaos Gods and other Traitor forces. 


Xavier has split the Loyalist into task forces of various sizes to track down traitor Blades and to support Imperial forces.


Monday, 16 September 2013


Hi there!
First things first - I'll Introduce myself
I am Coldsteel and I am a long time friend, opponent and now fellow blogger of Colonel Scipio and Headologist. Some of you may recognise me from my battles with Scipio. And now, taking said Scipio's advice I have started my own wargame blog.
The Blog will be focusing mainly on my Space Marine Chapter - The Blades of Fire, but will inevitably include some side projects and other miscellaneous things that I will want to share.
And now with no ado whatsoever, I present to you.....
The Blades of Fire

Loyalist Blades of Fire Marine

Traitor Blades of Fire Marine

The Blades of Fire are a Renegade Chapter that are now terrorising any planet they come across, only serving the Chaos Gods only to increase their power, loyal only to themselves.

However, there is a small contingent that remain loyal to the Imperium, these Loyalists are fighting a lost cause - trying to destroy as many of their fallen brothers as they can whist avoiding Imperial forces that are hunting the Chapter down.

I'll be expanding the Background of the Chapter over the coming posts, as well as the models for the armies. Also keep an eye out for the Campaign Reports that me and Scipio are currently playing through

So, until next time.....