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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Task Force Minerva

Hello again

Its been a busy week with taking on more duties and the threat of a last minute 'holiday' at work means most of my projects have been but on the back burner, but fear not - I still have a subject on which to post

Two weeks ago I entered the 'Armies on Parade' at my local GW store with my Blades of Fire army, unfortunately I didn't get on the podium (mainly because the competition was fierce!)

So I've decided to share them with you today, as well as a few extra units that I've got in my collection.

Task Force Minerva are currently deployed on Edethor and have already come to blows with Colonel Scipio's Palladian Guard (see Get the Relic! and Seize the Comms Tower)

Also in my collection are these two squads which will hopefully make their debut in a future battle

Terminator Squad Gaius

An anomaly among my collection as they're the only models not to be converted! Sergeant Gaius Daniscus will hopefully spearhead a future mission - I've always liked terminators so hopefully they'll get a chance to rack up some kills

Outrider Squad Eutropius

A project that I completed just recently - lead by Sergeant Europius Reinardus, these are based on the beautiful Forgeworld Outrider models with some 'normal' Space Marine parts thrown in, I adore the look of these bikes and cant wait to throw them into the crucible of battle!

Well, That's all for now, I'll keep you updated on all my projects



  1. Very impressive, commiserations on not making the podium but that's a fine army, I'd be proud for my men to be ground into a paste by them.

  2. I love those bikes! The colour scheme really suits them.

    1. The bikes are one of my favourite units - they look so much cooler than standard bikers!