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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Re-enforcements at the Breaker Front

Hello again!

Ill get straight down to business today with the newest unit to bolster the Breaker cause

Corpse-Taker Pantheras and his retinue of servitors

Corpse-Taker Pantheras has been deployed to assist the Breaker Insurgency due to the high number of Space Marines deployed in that sector. Pantheras relishes the opportunity to gather gene-seed for the Traitor Blades of Fire nefarious purposes. While some of the Breakers are grateful for the reinforcement, Sergeant Quirinus see his arrival as a threat to his authority, and deals with the Corpse-Taker with thinly veiled resentment.


The model is the Mk II Apothecary from Forgeworld,  I decided to get him to annoy Ollie and Kieran (Both of whom have Space Marines armies in our current campaign), Fluff wise, I'll be pointing out  all the Gene-seed he'll have taken from their Chapters throughout the campaign. The main reason, however, is because I wanted the other Apothecary model in the pack and it was a shame to waste him, and so here he is.


The Servitors represent the Chapters serfs that were either corrupted or were captured, and transformed into cybernetic thralls, they have just enough mental capacity to understand and carry out basic instruction, and carry out orders with an unrelenting, albeit slow, resolve.

The Models are Tech-thralls, again from Forgeworld.

Well, that's all for now, see you next week with some more




  1. Wow - looking really nice mate. Particularly that lovely Corpse Taker! Should be on for a game next weekend...

    1. Cheers! He is looking for some new Thralls and I hear that Palladians make good candidates :P
      Busy next weekend, but I'm back most others so drop me a line and let me know when you're free