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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Back once again

Hello again! Its been a while...

This one and 98 others...

With a busy schedule at work I haven't been doing much wargaming except for a couple of games here and there, but now things at work have settled down I'm getting back into it.

However a  problem has emerged - at the weekends I find myself rather lethargic after working all week and find that my modelling suffers, during the week I find I don't 'switch off' in the evenings and sometimes find myself at a loss for something to do...

The solution was simple...

My new modelling desk
That's right, I've moved my Modelling Station from home to work! I am a Genius! This means I'll be able to make a dent in the many projects that have started to build up
The Next Steps
I've not been at a full stop on the modelling front, occasionally building and undercoating bits and pieces and buying or organising parts, but all that's left me is a load of unfinished projects!
"So, what are these projects?" I hear you cry. Well pull up a sandbag and get your notepads out...
               Paint 13 more Traitor Blades
               Build 30+ Civilian Squad (Catachan Squads)
               Build Civilian Heavy Weapon Team (Catachan Heavy Weapons Team) 
               Paint 3 Civilians (Tallarn Sniper Team)
               Build 'Mining Laser' (Mechanicum Krios Battle Tank)
               Build Watchmen Centaur Assault Carrier
               Paint Corpse Taker
               Build 'Servitors' (Tech-Thralls)
Blades of Fire
               Paint Champion for Command Squad
               Paint Apothecary for Command Squad
               Paint Devestator Squad (Armed with Rotor Cannons)
               Build and Paint Marines from spare parts
Other Projects
               Build more men for my Mordheim Warband, as well as set up spare warbands
               Paint Space Marines for 40k Chess set
               Build and Paint Chaos Space Marines for 40k Chess set
Future Purchases
                A Sicaran Battle Tank
                A Tauros Assault Vehicle or two and maybe a Venator 
                Buy more Tallarns for the Breakers
                Buy a Traitor Predator
As you can see that's quite a lot to do! I'll let you know how it all turns out


  1. Blimey - you've got a lot on the go there! Impressive to see it all laid out. I need to get a modelling board down here.

    1. Its a hell of a lot! Even surprised myself once it was all written down and saw the enormity of it, I'll be chipping at it slowly over the next few weeks

  2. Wish I could paint at work..... ~_~

    Good to keep track of what you have to do, just try not to get over burdened should it seem a large undertaking. One thing at a time. :)

    1. Shouldn't be too much of a burden, the one thing I seem to have lots of in the evenings is time

  3. Good lord, quite a few bits lined up there, but nicely organised - looking forward to seeing them all finished sir. Bloody wish I could paint at work as well...